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Weiss coat of arms
Illustrated by Louis Schoenhaupt, 1883
This website is an ongoing work, based on my research on the Weiss family of Mulhouse. As much as possible, the information here is taken from the original sources, though there may still be occasional errors. It is not a comprehensive treatment of the Weiss family of Mulhouse, but will grow as I complete more and more research.

To navigate the website, either use the Search function on the right, or choose an individual from the Person Index below it. There are links on the individual pages to the known direct relations of those people.

The Weiss family is one of the oldest local Mulhousien families, which according to reliable records, was already found in Mulhouse by 1350. It was originally known by the name of Wislin, a variation of the word weasel (wieselin), the animal found on the family coat of arms. The name evolved from Wislin to Wyss and then finally to Weiss.

Many of the names in this website are usually interchangably German or French - Mulhouse has been both French, German and independent over the years, and so literature about the city is published in either language. There are even vital records for Mulhouse which are written in French, but the witnesses sign in their German names. It can be quite confusing!

I am descended from the Weiss family of Mulhouse. Although I am Australian, I currently live in Germany, about an hour's drive from Mulhouse, France. This close proximity to the home of my ancestors drives my continued research into the family.

I hope you find the information contained here useful and helpful.

Prue Scott